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_vale_chan_ kotae

Hi! If you're thinking of adding me, I'd like you to read these few lines.

First off, have a look at my userinfo: it'd be great if we had some fandoms in common, you know, to start a conversation and such. And also 'cause otherwise you'd find my entries incredibly boring..

In my journal you'll mainly find fangilring, silliness, random babbling, and the occasional real life entry.

English is not my first language, so please forgive any grammatic mistakes and questionable wording

Active journals only, please: I don't post very often to start with and if you don't either it'd be hard to find a chance to talk, right?
By the way, I don't use AIM/MSN and the likes 'cause that's just not my thing, so if you want to talk with me you can do it here on lj, either by commenting or sending me a pm.

Don't friend me if you're new on lj or you're just trying to make your friends list bigger; and if you're over 18 that would be nice.

People randomly adding me without a comment will be ignored.

Oh, and if you are thinking of friending me to see my icons or download stuff, you're in the wrong place. All my graphics can be found over at _moonangel_, while my media sharing journal is youkoso.

If you're okay with all that, you're welcome to comment here. :)

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[Vendo] Stick Poster di Reborn e Portachiavi

Ciao a tutti, ho un po' di stick poster e portachiavi che vorrei vendere. Sono tutti originali, ordinati dal Giappone. Se siete interessati commentate pure qui.

Pagamento accetto pagamenti sia con PostePay che con PayPal
Se volete altre foto/informazioni chiedete pure! ^^
Se scegliete la spedizione normale sappiate che in caso di smarrimento da parte delle Poste non verrete rimborsati (non mi è mai successo finora, ma non si sa mai!).
Posso andare in posta a spedire solo il martedì e il giovedì.
I miei feedback potete trovarli qui e qui.

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